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Orthodontics & Invisalign

We offer state of the art Orthodontics. Why here

Orthodontics can be divided into the following categories

  • a. Childrens Orthodontics
  • b. Teen Orthodontics
  • c. Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the movement of teeth due to pressure by devices. These devices are generally brackets and wires.
When patients wish to be discreet in the movement of teeth, we offer Invisalign. These are clear trays which have the same function as the brackets and wires. Except now, its nearly invisible. Children Orthodontics
When there is a developing severe malocclusion, we do recommend starting a phase I before 9-10 years of age. This will alleviate developing malocclusion and make it easier (less time) to fix in the >10 years to early teen years.
Our American Board Specialized Diplomate in Orthodontics will help you make that judgement, when is the best time to start treatment.

Teen Orthodontics

Teenagers may wish to proceed to have regular brackets and wires or Invisalign. This decision is usually made by the older or mature teen and the parent. Usually social pressures help modify the decision making process.

Adult Orthodontics

Adults 95% of the time prefer to have Invisalign. It is discreet and changes the position of the teeth thereby the smile without bringing attention to yourself.
The reasons for changing the position of the teeth are multi.
The primary reason is to have a healthy mouth. When the bite is balanced, there is less damage to the teeth, bone and gums. Also the TMJ are in a more balanced state.
The other major reason is to improve that smile of yours. Spaces or crowding may not bring out the best smile you potentially have. Hidden there is a gorgeous smile. You just have pushed it off, delayed it, saying that you’ve managed this far, why do it, or you finally say, its time for me. Lets improve that crowding and spacing.
Let us assure you, that either reason is very important for the health of the mouth. The earlier you balance your teeth, the longer they will give you service, both from the biting forces and staving off degenerative changes or diseases of the mouth.

  • Braces for Kids
  • Teen Invisalign
    Discreet Orthodontics
  • Adults Invisalign
    Get Confidence
  • Improve Your Smile
    By Orthodontics

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